Learn From The Winners

I was recently on vacation and struck up a conversation with a very interesting gentleman. He is a life coach whose main clients are professional athletes, major entertainers, politicians, and Fortune 500 CEOs. He was very willing to share some insights.

His overall message was “learn from the winners.” The peak performers observe the habits of winners down to the finest details. Success is not an invention, but rather a repackaging of the successes of others.

He went on to say that you don’t need to be the winner in order to be a winner. He cited the example of a CEO who emulated the habits of three winners – the visualization skills of a professional athlete, the convincing abilities of a nationally known public speaker, and the allure of an actor in a leading role. This CEO certainly did not become the best in any one of those categories, but this combined approach to self-improvement put him at the top of his game.

This all seems so obvious, but it is not until you consciously apply this concept that you will maximize the outcome. My New Year’s resolution is to look for the best husbands, fathers, physicians, and musicians to emulate.