The Best Dietary Supplement

Americans spend billions of dollars on dietary supplements each year. But the truth of the matter is that very little scientific evidence exists to support the use of these supplements. Nevertheless, we search for that life-extending, anti-aging, cancer-defying, performance-enhancing, magic pill.

Although some dietary supplements have proven value, more often they are consumed with misdirected goals and improper dosages. Because of their professed ability to combat cardiovascular disease and cancer, anti-oxidants are among the more common culprits. Even the use of low-dose aspirin has come into question.

So what is the best dietary supplement? What if I told you this one supplement would reduce your risk of premature death, heart disease, stroke, diabetes, and cancer 30 to 50 percent? What if it had no side effects? And what if it were absolutely free?

The best dietary supplement is – you guessed it – exercise! When pouring over the data, any type of benefit from a dietary supplement was usually a result of its positive cardiovascular effect. Since all of our systems depend on good blood flow, a healthy heart means a healthy body that is more likely to be free of all the aforementioned diseases. Therefore, it is not surprising that exercise is the best dietary supplement.

So save your billions, get on the floor, and give me ten!