The Internet Is Always Right

The Internet is always right, except on April 1st. At least that’s what my son says. Earlier this month, he pointed out something interesting: April Fools’ Day is the only day that people seem to question the Internet. Of course he was joking, but when should we question what we read online? We are so used to learning on the web, and as a result we tend to rely on it as an authoritative resource.

My son is sixteen, and he has always given me an interesting perspective on life. Recently, I went to Austin, Texas to attend a music extravaganza and children’s charitable event sponsored by country artist Jack Ingram, legendary coach Mack Brown, and award-winning actor Matthew McConaughey (see accompanying photo). One of the headliners, Eric Church, performed an acoustic set to include a song called “Three Year Old.” One of the best parts of the two-day event was that the artists and the songwriters behind the artists would tell the stories that inspired the songs. Eric Church wrote “Three Year Old” to share some of the advice that he received from his young son. Although I did not record the performance, you can watch a video that includes the story here.

Both Eric Church and my son have caused me to reflect on how I have learned and continue to learn. I, too, rely on the Internet. However, it is really the people around me who teach me the most. I am glad to see that my son has my same inquisitive nature.