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Win Tickets to ProstAware’s Eighth Annual Blue Ties Luncheon!

September 9, 2016, 11:30 a.m. At the Ritz-Carlton, Buckhead Tune in to The Weekly Check-Up Sunday, August 28 from 3-5 p.m. on AM 750 and 95.5 FM News/Talk WSB for a chance to win tickets to this year’s Blue Ties Luncheon, featuring appearances from Georgia football legends Vince and Barbara Dooley, and Heisman Trophy Winner, George Rogers! Dr. Miller […]

How To Beat Cancer

In my 20 years of practicing medicine, I have seen nothing short of revolutionary advances in cancer treatments. In the midst of the many new technologies and refined medications, one common denominator exists among the success stories. A recent patient of mine pointedly illustrated this key element. Like many cancer survivors, he had an inspiring […]

First Successful Penis Transplant Can Change the Face of Urology

May 2016 marked a medical breakthrough in the United States that has the potential to change many lives, not to mention the entire field of urology, for the better. At Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston, Massachusetts, a cancer patient received the first successful penis transplant ever. This was not only the first successful procedure of its […]

What Is Urinary Incontinence?

Urinary incontinence refers to the inability to control one’s own bladder effectively. This is caused when the muscles in the bladder contract or involuntarily relax. Urinary incontinence can make it difficult to know when you have to go, and in some cases will even cause leakage or urinary accidents that are embarrassing and uncomfortable. While […]

A Slip of the Tongue – A Lesson On Patient Privacy

When it comes to patient privacy, I am a stickler. When my patients start talking about other patients of mine, I merely compliment them on their concern for others. It’s a polite way of reminding them of this sacred privacy. I’m often amused when my wife encounters a patient in a social situation, and the […]

Dr. Scott Miller Named Top Doctor by Atlanta Magazine

Dr. Scott Miller—urologist and pioneering robotic prostate surgeon—earns accolade in July Issue, and has received honor from Castle Connolly as ‘National Top Doctor’ since 2010 Dr. Scott Miller, M.D. was named to Atlanta magazine’s 2016 list of Top Doctors, published annually in its July issue. This is Dr. Miller’s eighth year in a row on […]

Dr. Miller Guest Hosts “The Weekly Check-Up”

Dr. Scott Miller recently guest-hosted radio show, “The Weekly Check-Up with Dr. Bruce Feinberg” on WSB-AM 750 and 95.5 FM. The Weekly Check-Up is on every Sunday at 3 p.m. and Dr. Miller hosted the show for two weeks. The May 29 show was visited by the Atlanta Center for Medical Research (ACMR) Director of […]

Scott D. Miller, MD Proudly Sponsors Amplify Decatur

Dr. Scott Miller is again sponsoring Amplify Decatur–a three-day concert series that raises funds and awareness for Decatur Cooperative Ministry. The concert series will be held June 17 – 19 in Decatur. “I’ve had the opportunity to support Amplify and Decatur Cooperative Ministry for several years,” said Dr. Miller. “They are great organizations making real […]

Summer Safety

With so many activities coming up this weekend, we should remind ourselves of some good habits while having fun in the sun. Please pass these tips to your friends and loved ones: Drink a lot of water. We tend to let ourselves become dehydrated on a regular basis, particularly when we are distracted by fun […]

Saturday, June 18: A Great Day to Have Fun and Give Back

There are many reasons why I’m proud of my associations with ProstAware, chief among them being our shared commitment to supporting the communities where we live, work, and play. And isn’t it sweet when you can do good and have a good time in the process?! If you’re like me, you’ll be excited about these […]

What Is Prostatitis And How Is It Treated?

Prostatitis is an inflammation of the prostate gland. It is a common condition that affects many men at some point in their lives. The symptoms of this condition include: Difficult and/or painful urination Increased urination Fever Lower back pain Pain in the groin Decreased sex drive Inability to achieve and/or keep an erection Because the […]

The Power of Habit

Let me start with full disclosure: I was inspired to write this article after reading The Power of Habit by Charles Duhigg. However, I have been equally inspired by such books as The Tipping Point (Gladwell) and The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People (Covey). Without giving away the whole book, Duhigg breaks down the […]

The Health Benefits of Music

Patients often ask me what type of music I play in the operating room. Interestingly, they make the assumption that I do indeed play music. Well, they’re right, but it’s not quite like the movies. It provides a low volume backdrop without distraction or interference with communication. I play an eclectic mix in order to […]

A Patient Turns the Table

We often talk about the doctor-patient relationship and the importance of its preservation. The cornerstone of this relationship is communication. A physician needs to know a patient’s symptoms and medical history, and a patient needs to understand their disease process and treatment options. An essential element to effective communication is providing the opportunity for questions. […]

How to Overcome Urinary Incontinence in Men

Incontinence refers to the accidental or involuntary release of urine from the bladder. It is estimated that 25 million Americans suffer from urinary incontinence, and five million of these people are men. Incontinence in men is typically the result of an enlarged prostate or prostate surgery; however, there are other factors that can cause a […]

Kidney Stones vs. Childbirth: Which is more painful?

Childbirth is well known as one of the most painful experiences that humans can have. However, the pain of having a kidney stone is considered to be comparable. In fact, some people have rated the pain of a kidney stone as being worse than that of childbirth. When a large kidney stone is present, it can block […]

Vasectomy Reversal: One step at a time

Every year in the United States, more than a half million men make the decision to have a vasectomy, ostensibly deciding to eliminate the chances of causing a pregnancy in the future. But statistics show about five to 10 percent of those men wind up changing their minds later, opting to undergo a second procedure […]

How Surgeons Learn

If you read the other two articles in this newsletter, you probably realized that I had two heaping helpings of music to feed my insatiable appetite. However, I did spend a lot of time learning along the way. Going to medical meetings is one of the many ways a physician keeps his skills honed. Although […]

Are Supplements Drugs In Disguise?

I was recently at a medical meeting in Nashville, and I had the opportunity to see Mark Moyad, MD, MPH. Dr. Moyad is a leading expert in dietary supplements and is the author of “The Supplement Handbook.” During his lecture, he said, “If a supplement has an effect, than it’s a drug; if it doesn’t […]

The Internet Is Always Right

The Internet is always right, except on April 1st. At least that’s what my son says. Earlier this month, he pointed out something interesting: April Fools’ Day is the only day that people seem to question the Internet. Of course he was joking, but when should we question what we read online? We are so […]

What to do when diagnosed with Advanced Prostate Cancer

Advanced prostate cancer usually means men with metastatic prostate cancer that has spread far from the prostate or shows signs of growing after using hormone therapy. Being diagnosed with advanced prostate cancer can be both shocking and overwhelming. If you receive this diagnosis, we recommend following these steps. 1. Ask any questions you may have. […]

Vaginal Prolapse: symptoms and treatment options

A few different events, such as childbirth or pelvic surgery, can place a woman at a higher risk for a vaginal prolapse. This is a medical condition when the support system in the vagina fails to do its job, allowing the upper part of the organ to drop down into the vaginal canal, or outside of […]

How is testicular cancer different from prostate cancer?

The testes and prostate are essential parts of the male reproductive system. Both organs can develop cancer, with differences in symptoms, growth, and treatment. Testicular Cancer Testicular cancer is a relatively uncommon cancer that would typically occur in males who are between the ages of 15 and 34. When diagnosed early, it is very treatable. An […]

The importance of early detection when treating kidney disease

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), one in ten individuals in the United States have some form of chronic kidney disease. The disease is growing among people aged 60 and older. In many cases, you can lose a significant amount of your kidney function before you even experience any signs or […]

What does it mean if blood is in your urine?

Although finding blood in your urine can be frightening, it does not necessarily point to a serious issue. This medical condition, known as hematuria, can be caused by a number of different factors, some more serious than others. Only a medical professional will be able to definitively say which one is impacting a particular patient. […]

Are African-American men more at risk for prostate cancer?

All men can develop prostate cancer, and the level of risk increases with age. However, some men are more likely to get prostate cancer than others. According to the Prostate Cancer Foundation, African-American men are 1.6 times more likely to develop prostate cancer than their Caucasian counterparts. They are also 2.4 times more likely to […]

Safety During Robotic Surgery

When patients are choosing a surgeon, they often look for those with the best outcomes. Safety, on the other hand, is a presumed prerequisite. “Safety first” is ingrained into a surgeon’s mind starting in the early days of training. In fact, it’s part of the Hippocratic Oath (“first do no harm”). However, robotic surgery has […]

Coming Back From An Injury

We have all had injuries that have interfered with our daily activities and exercise routines. No matter how major or minor, the approach to management and future prevention is the same. Here are the five steps to getting back on track: Define the problem. Is this muscle soreness or a minor strain? Does it require […]

Unintended Consequences

I love analogies, especially when they drive a point home. When counseling patients about a difficult decision, I often explain how small choices now can have a tremendous impact later. Imagine the baseball player hitting a 90 mph pitch over the left field wall. Now take that same batter with that same fastball, but this […]

Best of 2015

As we begin a new year, I thought it would be appropriate to mention a few things that have made my life in the operating room better: The daVinci Xi – The Xi is the latest version of Intuitive Surgical’s robotic surgical system. Just when you thought things couldn’t get better, I now have even better […]

Hormone Replacement

In both men and women, hormone replacement therapy has become very controversial. In women, concerns include risks of breast cancer, uterine cancer, and blood clots. However, these issues must be balanced with the benefits of improved quality of life and the other health benefits of having “normal” estrogen levels. In the past, testosterone deficiency was […]

Heaven is a Better Place

Last month, the world lost a great man. Joe Blumberg succumbed to his battle with prostate cancer, the very disease to which he devoted endless passion. For the past six years, Joe served as the Executive Director of the Men’s Health and Wellness Center (MHWC). He spent countless hours educating men and their loved ones […]

Dr. Miller discusses study showing prostate cancer screening lags

When the news broke earlier this week about two studies in the Journal of the American Medical Association that showed fewer men were getting screened for prostate cancer (and that fewer early stage cases were being detected), a lot of people might have been surprised. Dr. Scott Miller was not. Dr. Miller has long disagreed […]

Helping your partner deal with prostate cancer and erectile dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction, which is also known as impotence, occurs when a man is unable to have or keep an erection for sexual intercourse. The process leading to an erection is a complex interaction between physical and psychological factors. Individuals undergoing treatments like radiation therapy and surgery for prostate cancer often experience some form of erectile dysfunction. […]

Smoking and Prostate Cancer

Many people don’t realize the serious effects smoking has on recovering from prostate cancer. Studies have found that this dangerous habit can worsen prostate cancer that already exists and increase the individual’s chances of dying from their prostate cancer. Even worse, it’s thought that cigarettes can hinder how men fight off everyday harm to their […]

Joe Gibbs, Lee Greenwood help ProstAware raise $75,000 at Blue Ties luncheon to create awareness for prostate cancer

September 28, 2015 (Atlanta) — Three-time Super Bowl-winning head coach and NASCAR championship-winning team owner Joe Gibbs and country music artist Lee Greenwood helped to raise $75,000 at ProstAware’s seventh annual Blue Ties luncheon on Sept. 11 at the Ritz-Carlton Buckhead. ProstAware is a nonprofit devoted to raising awareness in metro Atlanta about prostate cancer […]

The Five Dangers of Nutritional Supplements

The dietary supplement market is a multi-billion industry, filled with products for weight loss, muscle building, energy enhancement, and general well being. Some of these products may provide varying levels of benefit, but some carry risks. Here are my top five concerns: Some supplements can be toxic at modestly high doses. The classic example is […]

Here to Serve

I recently went to a social event and sat next to an incredibly nice and interesting person. We soon discovered that we both had a genuine interest in each other’s professions, partly because of our children’s career aspirations. In fact, as it turns out, his 17-year-old son plans to pursue a career in medicine. My […]