ProstAware’s Seventh Annual Blue Ties Luncheon

For years, my organization ProstAware has dedicated its purpose to educating Atlanta about prostate health and how its various communities can join in the battle against prostate cancer. In 2015, ProstAware is continuing the fight with our seventh annual Blue Ties luncheon. Through music, technology and sports, ProstAware’s Blue Ties event aims to raise both awareness and involvement through educating men and others about the risks of prostate cancer.

This year, we’re joined by three-time Super Bowl and NASCAR champion Joe Gibbs, who’ll be speaking on what it takes to be successful and relevant in life. Country music artist Lee Greenwood will also be making an appearance at Blue Ties to perform his signature song, “God Bless the USA.”

We hope you’ll join us for this important occasion. Don’t miss out!

For more information on how to attend, please visit our website.